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Air Duct Cleaning Company

Air Duct Cleaning Company

A couple of years ago, Duarte City came on top of the list of America’s most expensive zip codes.

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Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement

Looking for air duct services on Route 66? Our Duarte air duct replacement business is the most effective and respected all across Historic Route 66

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Air Duct Cleaning, Seal Repair & Filter Replacement

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The finest HVAC maintenance service

Having problems getting your air duct concerns answered, turn to this FAQ page for answers.

What are the drawbacks of using plastic or PVC air ducts?

The main drawback of using PVC air ducts is the price. Compared to sheet metal air ducts, PVCs require a higher initial expenditure. Nevertheless, spending for them translates to investing in a longer-lasting ductwork. PVC air ducts last longer because they don't rust and are more resistant to dents and cracks. Moreover, professionals from Air Duct Cleaning Duarte opine that it is considerably easier to maintain plastic air ducts.

What do you need when cleaning HVAC ducts?

A number of items will be needed when cleaning HVAC ducts. One of them is a screwdriver to unscrew the HVAC grille. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner will be needed to do the actual cleaning. To have an idea of the length your vacuum cleaner reaches, you will have to use a measuring device. You may also have to cut holes on the duct trunks in your basement so you need cutting materials and the supplies to have the holes resealed.

Are there any indicators which would show me that I need duct cleaning?

There are actually a number of indications which highlight a need for cleaning. These include signs of mold inside the ducts, dust on surfaces in the house even after you have cleaned, a damp feel to system insulation or visible debris build up. It is also a good idea to consider cleaning if you suspect you may have an infestation of bugs or rodents within the system. Other minor signs include musty stale odors, frequently clogged filters or small pools of water within the system.

How can I prevent mold in my ducts?

Regular cleaning can remove any traces of mold from your ducts. However, Air Duct Cleaning Duarte advises that there are a number of preventative measures which can reduce the risk of development. These are related to ensuring that the system does not accumulate moisture. Therefore it is important to check and repair any leaks, regularly empty drain pans and check attics for any signs of joint damage. These steps in addition to replacing your filters as recommended can reduce the risk of bacteria and mold within the system.

How often must air ducts get cleaned?

Once air duct cleaning is thoroughly completed and ducts are properly sealed and repaired, they can remain clean for a few years. Though, air duct maintenance including the inspection of the inner parts and the condition of the surface and duct sealing must take place every year. Air filter cleaning must take place every month.

Should I worry about dryer vents?

Cleaning a dryer vent is significant for the avoidance of accidents in the laundry room. The vent is placed to allow the exit of the overheated air and lint. When the two of them are trapped inside the ducts without an escape point due to lint over-concentration in the vents, there's a high risk for fire.

Should I clean air ducts on my own?

You could use the hose of the vacuum cleaner to remove dust but you cannot have access to all parts of the ducts. Your efforts will go in vain and it's best to trust the professionals of our company in Duarte for efficient air duct cleaning. After all, the right equipment and products are needed.

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